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824 years in the future, warring tribes battle for a dying Earth’s scant resources. The subterranean Kukeri prepare for a siege on the stronghold of their nemesis Dr. Nihil. Dissension among their ranks may undo them if blood thirsty replicants, ripper winds, and unforgiving heat don’t…

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Ghostemane performing in 2017

Mixing elements of trap, rap, rock, industrial, and heavy metal, Ghostemane is a genre-destroying project from the mind of Eric Ghoste. Over a multitude of LPs, EPs, collaborations, and monikers, the Florida-born artist has carved out a bracing signature style that pairs grisly, glitchy imagery and pummeling production with a guttural deadpan rasp. The 2020 album, ANTI-ICON, finds Ghostemane at his darkest and most personal – a kinetic, cathartic journey through the depths of heaven and hell.


Real Name: Eric Whitney

Rapper and producer known for fusing together hip hop and metal genres for hit songs such as “John Dee,” “Venom,” and “Kybalion.” He was also a member of SCHEMAPOSSE, Seven Serpents and Nemesis (118).
Born: April 15, 1991 – Lake Worth, FL

Sites: SoundCloud, instagram.com, Facebook, ghostemane.com, ghostemanemerch.online, Wikipedia